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About Al Arias

Alfonso V. Arias, CPA, brings more than four decades of expertise to the realm of accounting, tax and financial management for both non-profit and for-profit entities. Mr. Arias embarked on his career with the renowned international accounting firm of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (now KPMG) in 1965, commencing in Los Angeles and including work in the National Office in Washington DC as a resource to the World-Wide Practice for liaison with the Joint Committee for Internal Revenue, the House Ways & Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee as well as the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service. In 1977, he transitioned to the San Diego office and became partner in 1978.

In May of 1981, Mr. Arias established A.V. Arias & Co., Certified Public Accountants, headquartered in San Diego, California. This distinguished firm offers a comprehensive spectrum of services, encompassing income and estate tax planning, and a diverse array of consulting services.

Residing in San Diego since 1977, Mr. Arias is deeply committed to the principles of community engagement and philanthropy. In addition to his membership in Trustegrity, he has been an active board member of numerous professional associations and charitable organizations, further exemplifying his dedication to giving back to the community.

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About the Firm

A.V. Arias & Co. is a renowned boutique accounting firm specializing in advanced income tax, estate tax, retirement planning, and asset protection services. We also provide comprehensive business consulting, including expertise in mergers and acquisitions. Our representation before tax authorities, including the IRS and state/local revenue departments, is distinguished, encompassing private letter rulings, protests, technical advice requests, and more, consistently delivering substantial tax and business benefits. We boast an impeccable track record of never losing a case.

Established in 1981 in San Diego, we hold a prominent position within the financial industry, building strong relationships with banking, financial services professionals, attorneys, and other professional referral sources.

A.V. Arias & Co. serves affluent individual clients nationwide, with a focus on the Northeast (primarily Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania), the Midwest (Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Ohio), and the Far West (Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington). Our expertise extends to income tax planning and features proprietary solutions like Integrated Tax Planning, which includes strategic services related to Accounts Receivable Financing, Intellectual Property, and entity choice and configuration. These offerings empower our clients to optimize deductions, split income, defer taxes, and achieve significant reductions in effective tax rates.

Notably, all of A.V. Arias & Co.’s revenues are generated through our exclusive products and strategies.

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